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San Miguel Funeral Home (Pulpí)

The San Miguel Mortuary, located in the Almeria town of Pulpí, was inaugurated in the year 2000. Since then, the Collyfer group’s staff have put all its professionalism, experience and sensitivity at the service of its clients and family members.

Our personalized treatment, facilities that have 3 wake rooms, a large common hall and central corridor, a cafeteria, a spacious outdoor area and a car park with more than 250 spaces, making us a benchmark for our citizens at hardest times.

The San Miguel Funeral Home was the second that Servicios Funerarios Collyfer inaugurated, in 2000. Our professionalism and experience, added to the quality of our team, make us an indisputable reference in the entire province of Almería.

In our facilities at the San Miguel Funeral Home we have all the comforts for family and relatives. We have the best services and facilities in the funeral sector.

In this mortuary we have 3 large wake rooms, a large hall, a common central corridor and a cafeteria. In all the rooms of the San Miguel funeral home, the luminosity stands out, and we pay special attention to natural light. To help families and relatives in the necessary moments when they need to clear their heads, the San Miguel Funeral Home has a spacious outdoor area in which there are colorful gardens.

The large car park of the San Miguel Funeral Home, has more than 250 parking spaces, which allows no family member or relative to be in the difficult situation of not being able to accompany their loved ones.

All the facilities are designed to favor the necessary respite to the family and relatives in moments of special hardness, and to avoid any type of possible setback.

The facilities of the San Miguel Funeral Home make it an indisputable reference in the province of Almeria. If you would like to know our funeral home better, you can visit us and check that we have the best facilities in the sector.

Our services at the San Miguel Funeral Home

Our services at the San Miguel Funeral Home range from the preparation of deceased, coffins, florist and transfer of the deceased person to advice on all the necessary documentary procedures.

The passing of a loved one is always one of the hardest times we must face in our lives. Therefore, our staff of the San Miguel Funeral Home stand out for their professionalism, but also for their human quality. They will be available at all times for any need, however small it may seem, for the family and relatives of the deceased person. Our entire team works to alleviate, as far as possible, pain in such difficult times.

At no time do we stop attending, with warmth, closeness and professionalism, any requirement of family and relatives. We are well aware that, in such hard times, it is preferable to delegate certain types of issues to professional people. Therefore, we take care of this assistance with professionalism, humanity and efficiency.

The San Miguel Funeral Home has the professionalism endorsed, throughout the province of Almeria, of Collyfer Funeral Services Of course, if you want to know more in depth all the services that we make available to our clients and relatives in the San Miguel Funeral Home, you can visit us and we will be happy to expand all the information you need.

How to get to Tanatorio San Miguel

The San Miguel Funeral Home is located on the outskirts of the town of Pulpí, on the Pulpí-Huércal Overa road, 14. This allows us to maintain facilities that have all the necessary space for our customers and families.

You can easily get there by car by taking the E-15/A7 road from the Almeria/N-340a road. Then, you must take exit 890 to join the A-350, where you can continue until you reach our facilities

Contact us to request a quote or information

In Collyfer Funeral Services we are at your disposal to expand any type of information about our San Miguel Funeral Home, as well as to provide you with an adequate budget for all the services you need.

In order to provide you with everything you need, we are available 24 hours a day365 days a year. You can contact us on the phone 950 61 61 61 or by email You can also use the form on our contact page and we will assist you in a personalized way as soon as possible.

We work to offer you and your loved ones the utmost confidence, human quality and professionalism.

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