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Garrucha Funeral Home (Garrucha)

Our fifth and last funeral home is located in the coastal town of Garrucha. This funeral home was inaugurated in 1997 and was acquired by our company in 2014. It is equipped with 2 wake rooms with corridor and diaphanous hall. It consists of two floors and is also equipped with large waiting rooms, separate rest room for the family and cafeteria.‎

‎The farewell of a loved one requires personal attention capable of covering the needs that the family has at that time. The wake room must also be adequate to offer a warm space to surround yourself and receive friends and family.‎

‎In our funeral home in Garrucha we offer a complete funeral service to cover all the needs and desires of our clients.‎

‎Following the line of all our funeral homes, spread over a large number of municipalities in the province of Almeria, the Garrucha funeral home has similar characteristics in terms of quality of service.‎

‎As for the facilities, we can proudly say that our funeral home in Garrucha has all the comforts for family members and relatives who come. Anyone who attends will be able to find parking without any difficulty.‎

‎Inside the funeral home, attendees will find a sober and warm design at the same time, so that all attendees and especially the family feel at home.‎

‎In our Garrucha Funeral Home we have several rooms. The luminosity is vital and we have natural light throughout the funeral home. The available space is ample and, if it depends on it, no one will be left without being able to accompany the family of the deceased.‎

‎We have a cafeteria space where you can have a coffee, tea, a linden or anything that families or relatives need. In times as hard as the loss of a family member, in many cases something like this is required close to avoid having to move from the place and, in the same way, to be able to clear a period of time as much as possible.‎

‎At all times, our staff in charge of the funeral home will be available for everything that the family of the deceased needs. We are attentive to both the most important things and all those smaller details, which also seem important to us. Actually, at Collyfer we find everything that is important to the family.‎

‎The death of a person is always one of the most complicated moments of life, especially if the relationship established with that person was very close. Losing loved ones is a very hard situation, which almost all people go through at some stage of life.‎

‎A difficult time in terms of mood, in which we will accompany you at all times and provide you with everything you need to make it as bearable as possible.‎

‎The truth is that, currently, in Spain more people die per year than are born, so it does not seem strange that there are more and more funeral homes spread over different geographical points of the country. But, without a doubt, not all are the same or have the same staff. We guarantee families a close and warm treatment, where they feel free to ask us what they need, knowing that we will do it in the most effective way.‎

‎We consider it important that, in addition to the excellent human, logistical and functional service that we can offer to our customers, spaces and material things are also taken care of. Everything influences our mood, that is why we look at every detail so that everything is tailored to the requirements and needs of the family in our funeral home in Garrucha.‎

‎At all times we are with you and yours to provide you with our maximum confidence, support and professionalism. It is not easy to say goodbye and at Collyfer we know it, so we strive in each service to reduce the complexity and pain of the moment that families live when a loved one dies.‎

‎Our services include the preparation of deceased, coffins, coffins, etc., the transfer of the deceased from where the family indicates, advice on documentary procedures, preparation of the corpse, florist service, attention 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.‎

‎The staff that forms Collyfer has enough experience and dedication to make everything go well. We are fully aware that at times like this, it is best to delegate certain issues to professionals, so we fervently take care of providing all the necessary services in the most efficient way.‎

‎Our funeral home in Cebolla is at the entire disposal of your family, we will take care of the deceased and all those who love him. Immediately attention call ‎‎950616161‎‎.‎


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