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Arboleas Funeral Home (Arboleas)

This is our fourth mortuary built, acquired and opened in 2013. This funeral home consists of 2 wake rooms, a large common corridor for both rooms, cafeteria, multi-confessional chapel, two parking areas and a new cold room, which is used following the customs of British customers who use this funeral home. Since this particular population has more than 50% of the census population of British origin.‎

‎However, something common in both British and Spanish customs is what happens when a loved one dies, that is, we must make, among others, a very important decision that will determine the type of burial we will give him.‎

‎Collyfer puts at your disposal an extensive network of funeral homes, wakes and crematoria where we offer you a complete, personalized and quality service. One of them is this one in Arboleas (Almería).‎

‎The main services we offer to our clients in ‎Collyfer funeral services‎ of Arboleas include a multitude of aspects, some of them are:‎

  • ‎Autopsy room‎
  • Transfers‎
  • Exhibition of coffins‎
  • Florist‎
  • Crematorium‎
  • Document management‎
  • Religious and non religious service‎

‎There is nothing more painful than the passing of a loved one. There are many feelings that invade a person in those moments. Anguish, pain, uncertainty… For this reason, currently the ‎services of a funeral home ‎are comprehensive, since its purpose is to accompany them both psychologically and legally.‎

‎They are delicate moments that require special attention, so it is important to choose a professional funeral home like ours.‎

‎We take care of the transfer of the deceased, their preparation, bureaucratic procedures and, above all, organize details such as flowers.‎

‎One of the main funeral services we provide is to prepare the data that the administration requires after the death of a person. It is important that these processes are carried out to continue with the burial of the deceased. These are:‎

  • Obtaining the death certificate‎. It must be issued by a doctor who confirms the death of the person. This document serves to register the death in the Civil Registry of the municipality where the person was registered.‎
  • License for burial or cremation‎. Once the registration is done, this certificate is required that allows the burial or incineration of the deceased.‎
  • Authorization for the transfer‎. It is a document that authorizes transfers between the house or hospital to the mortuary and cemetery.‎
  • ‎In addition to these procedures, there are others that are not contemplated in the first stay among the services of a funeral home such as the following:‎
  • Last wills‎. This certificate is used to prove the will. To receive it, the death certificate must be presented to the Ministry of Justice after 15 days after the death of the deceased. It takes 10 business days to issue.‎
  • Insurance certificates‎. It is a document that allows you to find out if the deceased had some type of insurance and who are his beneficiaries in case of death.‎
  • Declaration of will‎. With the certificate of last wills it is possible to know who the heirs are. You must appear at any notary to make the consultation.‎
  • Payment of taxes‎. In case of accepting an inheritance, they must be declared to the Public Administration. The larger the inheritance, the larger the outlay. You have 6 months to be aware.‎

‎In addition to legal attention, other attention is required that best condition the burial. For example, the preparation of the body. For your wake‎, our professionals ‎of make up and embalming are responsible for improving the appearance of the deceased, trying to give an appearance of placid sleep within what is possible, in order to try to transmit a sense of tranquility and well-being to their relatives.‎

‎Something we also have in our funeral home is a florist service, in which we take care of beautifying the wake room as the family wishes and also coordinate the reception of other floral centers by family and friends.‎

‎In Collyfer we take care of contacting the agents involved in the celebration of the funeral in the terms in which the family has arranged.‎

‎We adapt to the needs and preferences of the family of the deceased, we listen carefully to everything they express to us and, within the possibilities, we will attend to such requests.‎

‎In addition, our funeral home in Arboleas has all the comforts for such a complicated moment as well as a warm environment in which to cope in the best possible way with this moment for the family and those close to you.‎

‎We know how hard these moments are and we want to help you in any way we can to cope with the loss without having to worry about anything but your loved one and wrap yourself for the rest of the family and loved ones who wish to accompany you in such a complex and delicate moment. ‎‎Contact‎‎ us at any time of the day or night, we are 24 hours at your disposal for anything you need.‎

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